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Kereru or Kukupa are considered a taonga or treasure by many iwi. In Maori legend, the kereru’s iridescent plumage comes from the clothes Maui wore when he changed into a bird so that he could visit the underworld to look for his parents.
The kereru is New Zealand’s only surviving native pigeon. They are long-lived birds that breed very slowly. They are currently fighting for survival.
Kereru are important. Since the extinction of the Moa, they are now the only birds left that are capable of swallowing fruit greater than 12 mm in diameter and dispersing the seed again whole. This means that the future of our native trees is closely linked to the survival of our kereru. Kereru

Some things you can do:
1. Plant kereru friendly
2. Be a responsible cat owner
3. Help prevent window strike
4. Do some pest control
5. Help monitor kereru locally
6. Create a safe roost or nesting site.
7. Provide a safe water source.
Read more on :
Kereru Discovery Project
Learn more about the Kereru:
Forest and Bird
Department of Conservation


Welcome to our Spring Newsletter, we hope you enjoy our new look!
Noticing how slowly spring 'sprung' this year, we can finally say it has arrived in the north. I have now experienced and observed 38 different springs and I am beginning to build up my own experience and relationship with how spring comes into life.
Birth and new life
There has been a fair bit of birthing energy around our home lately. As I write this, I sit with our 10-day old baby boy in my arms. We have also just birthed our new website as we endeavour to be able to provide a stronger and more informative support structure for all parents and educators, to ensure our children of today get just what nature intended for them.
The theme of this newsletter is Synchronicity and Our senses. Synchronicity is the ‘art’ of attuning to the natural rhythms and the cycles of life . Through Synchronicity we can experience the magic in the moment. Through our subtle senses we attune to the natural rhythms and cycles of life. So what are our subtle senses and how do we develop them?

Made in Nature
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Our uniquely handcrafted natural products provide a rich sensory and imaginatively play and learning opportunity for the young child. 
We have some new natural play treasures currently being developed in our workshop. As these unfold we will feature them here first.
Our latest addition is the 1’s,10’s,100’s,1000’s counter stacker. We created it for our own children as they come into their primary years and the development of early math’s concepts. It’s chunky, handcrafted and feels good.

We are celebrating the birth of our new website and if you order before December 15th you receive a 10% discount.
To receive this discount type ‘newsletter’ in comments box when placing an order.
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Nature Playscapes
We design and construct natural playgrounds that nurture the whole child. Have a stroll through our gallery to see some examples of our creations. What would you put into your playground to capture the essence of spring?
Wildflowers, Wild Playscapes
Ask yourself how does your child’s playscape reflect spring?  What treasures from nature are present to assist them to unfold their subtle senses as they go about their play? What magic have they been exploring and discovering about spring?
Wild places reflect the seasons powerfully. One way to bring the wild back is to let the wild flowers grow. Therefore you may need to consider a wild space in your playscape. What is important for your child is that there is a wild place to let them grow and in so doing allows that wild place within us to also grow.

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Natures Way
Teachings from the Forests of Aotearoa.
Spring is a time for growth and new adventures. In the NZ native forests I see spring being sung in by Tui, a bird which reminds me of the essence of magic. Kowhai flowers abundantly and Tui comes to feed on its juices.
Kowhai holds the teachings and essence of personal growth and adventure. Interesting to see the flower of kowhai appears on the horizon at a time when the birds and the seeds are about to birth into a new cycle and begin a new cycle of growth. What is so fascinating in the classroom of nature is just below the surface sits the logic. When we learn to look deeper and scratch this surface and we begin to connect the dots like a child in a puzzle book. Nature's Way Manuka
What is my relationship with nature?
I encourage you to look deeper into how Nature teaches us her lessons.

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Nature's Essences
Nature’s Essences brings totally natural, safe and effective emotional, mental and spiritual support for the Child’s total wellbeing through the use of First Light Flower Essences of NZ. 
Our children face unprecedented challenges in today’s world. To remain well they need to walk in balance. As parents we continuously seek to find ways to bring them into balance.
I often hear parents say he or she is ‘out of sync at the moment'.
Shining Spleenwort assists the child to find their natural rhythm and cycles in life. The flower essence Shining Spleenwort could be included in a blend if you or your child has issues with sleeping, travelling especially through time zones, menstruation patterns, out of sync ‘behaviour’.

go toLearn more about how you can assist your Childs total wellbeing and complete uniqueness and visit our website (pages will be coming on-line shortly) or contact us for further information about how we can assist you and your child/children with NZ First Light Flower Essences.

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