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Maui and Hector dolphins



Maui and Hector dolphins
Hector's and Maui’s dolphins are endemic to the coastal regions of New Zealand. They are one of the smallest and also one of the rarest dolphins in the world.
Kaitiaki Maori names for Hector's and Maui's dolphin are tutumairekurai, tupoupou and popoto.
Hector dolphins love the shallow coastal waters, therefor they are most commonly seen close to shore.
Natural predators of Hector’s dolphins include sharks and probably killer whales (orca), and.. humans. By far the greatest risk for Hector dolphin’s is being accidently caught by set nets.

What can you do to help?
Keep rubbish and litter out of the sea and when you visit a beach, pick up some rubbish
Keep pollutants out of the ocean by making sure only water goes down the storm water drains
Send an email to the Minister of Conservation

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There used to be 30.000 Hectors and Maui dolphins around New Zealand.. Let’s help bring those numbers back.

 Welcome 2014 - A new cycle has begun
It is time to press flowers, eat from the rainbow, take up the offer of the shade of a tree, plant your food for autumn and early winter,  and show appreciation for long, hot days that summer  gifts us.

A powerful time it is when we reflect and then set our intentions for the coming year. Whatever your goals and aspirations are for 2014 they will link into one of the eight aspects of our total wellbeing shared with us by Dr Rangimarie Rose Pere in Te Wheke, A celebration of infinite wisdom. My physical being (Tinana) has been getting a make over. For me a make over involves plenty of fresh water, good sleep and active time in Nature.
Te Wheke Book Giveaway
Our last newsletter offered a giveaway of Rose’s book Te Wheke: A Celebration of Infinite Wisdom and what a wonderful response we had. There were so many wonderful stories shared so NaturePlayNZ has decided to give away 4 books.
When Rose first made contact she said:
“Anna, these need to go to the 4 directions.”
So here are our winners of the 4 directions.

Raki - to the North - all the way into the Northern Hemisphere
Nanell McAlpin at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. To assist her in the teaching of childhood development.
Tonga - to the West - Ngamotu Kindergarten, Taranaki
Uru - to the South - Lumsden Playcentre, South Island
Rawhiti - to the East - Glen Innes Kindergarten, Auckland

Kia ora to all of you, playgroups, homeschoolers, parents and teachers whom wrote in for this opportunity.
GO TOIf you would like to purchase a copy of Te Wheke you can visit our shop here. Through purchasing a book your proceeds go directly to Rose to enable her to continue her valuable work in this world as one of the last remaining wisdom keepers of this time, inspiring us all to be all that we can and are meant to be. 

Rose at The Natural Phenomena Conference
Dr Rangimarie Rose Pere spoke at The Natural Phenomena Conference in November  2013.
She challenged the attendees to see themselves as multidimensional beings with 8 aspects  to consider caring for to ensure total wellbeing. She enlivened the attendees to live into their unique power and purpose.
Her personal account of taking care of these 8 aspects (the 8 legs of Te Wheke, the octopus) in daily life has been lovingly shared with us for you to access.
You can visit our website under Nature the Teacher (look for the owl) or
GO TOclick here to go directly to read Dr Rose Pere's words.

Natures Way
Nature's Way Manuka Te Wheke Professional Development 2014
In association with The Nature Education Network (keepers of The Natural Phenomena Conference)                                 
Living the Taonga of Te Wheke :
A 9 part  monthly evening workshop and mentorship programme.
To assist you to understand, embrace Te Wheke in an educational context.
Nature's Way Manuka

Dr Rose Pere has shone a light on where we can look should we want
to deepen our relationship with life, our children and the nature of everything that exists.

- Third Tuesday each month beginning Feb 18th 2014 6-9pm
Auckland - Fourth Tuesday each month beginning Feb 25th 2014 6.30-9.30pm
Whangarei: $90 for 9 sessions or $15 per session
Auckland: $135 for 9 sessions or $20 per session
Facilitated and mentored by Anna Gentry of NaturePlay NZ
GO TO click here for full details on the Auckland and Whangarei workshops
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Made in Nature
New Galleries
From the forest workshop: Look what we cooked up! playscapes oven sink
Outdoor or indoor if your prefer play oven and matching sink/bench.
Made from Macrocarpa and finished with a touch of Totara and Kanuka.
A treat to have as an addition to any outdoor kitchen.

GO TO For further details and pictures visit our shop.
Natures Way
What has been happening in the playscape… are you appreciating your plantings in spring, do you have flowers for pressing, have you been picking a rainbow of veges to graze on?  The summer fruits of plum, nectarine and peaches are beginning to fade in our orchard, luckily the grapes are coming on fast and the odd passionfruit has been slurped on to.

Water can begin to become scarce depending on your region at this time of year. An appreciation for where it flows from and to is an important concept we often overlook yet must learn to understand. 

Take a moment to consider where your water comes from, then to where it will go as it heads down the drain.  All drains lead to the river/sea….In much of New Zealand our storm water drains all end up in our rivers and seas.

Consider what you put down the drain with it.
I often find sparkles, bubbles and gloop glugging up waterways in early childhood centre environments..

Consider what you use and how you clean up.

Remember Everything in Nature is connected.

Let's keep our waters clean.


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