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A handful of kakariki chicks..

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The kakariki's name means a small (riki) parrot (kaka). Maori noted that the kakariki ate a large meal in the morning before doing anything else. Because of this people who ate too much before working were compared to the kakariki.

The Kakariki are a NZ native bird, and have become endangered as a result of habitat destruction.
There are 3 main species of the kakariki, the yellow-crowned, the red-crowned and the orange fronted, with the red-crown being slightly larger than the other two. The Kakariki are basically bright green in colour, but other colors are to be found in their plumage like blue, orange and violet.
Like their colors, they are bold and cheeky birds, and they are very inquisitive and have great personalities. They love to nest in holes in branches and trunks of trees.

What can you do to help Kakariki?
Support your local Department of Conservation office in its efforts to controlmammalian predators in habitats where kakariki live. The protection of oldgrowth forest habitats and the reforestation of areas that have beenpreviously cleared will also help protect kakariki.

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Cycles within cycles
The laws of nature tell us that we move within cycles in the circle of life. The day, the week, the year the lifetime… the seed to flower, the flower to seed.
At some point you will do full circle and at this point it is worth considering a stocktake of what you have achieved, where is your understanding now to where it came from, and take the time to sow the seeds of possibility of where it may go. Increasingly I meet people who believe they have it all sorted when it comes to Nature and Children. They have the backyard naturalized, the food gardens roaring, the sustainability goals achieved, worm farm exploding, the relationships with the child active in nature, the confident and competent role model adult. If this is your list of accomplishments, well down you are providing a rich physical environment to grow a seed of love for the earth and all her inhabitants. If we are relating to our physical world with reverence and respect for all things we are taking the first step to address our whole being.

However as Dr Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere reminds us we are much much more than this. In her sharing of her knowledge in her book Te Wheke - a celebration of infinite wisdom, we are given a glimpse of the limitless and totally unique gift that we are. The 8 aspects, yes 8 aspects to consider equally in each and every moment of life. In the circle of life there is no end to what we can achieve, our relationship with the physical world may just be the beginning.

The Natual Phenomena

Dr Rangimarie Rose Pere
will be speaking at The Natural Phenomena conference on November 22 To 24. A totally outdoor in nature conference for teachers of the early years, which has been happening in the wild woods, very near to Whangarei for the past 4 years.

Organised by a committed group of volunteers this is a must do, place to be if you are serious about the journey of children and nature. It will enliven you, support your next aspirations, feed you ideas to nourish your body, mind and soul and inspire you to deepen your relationship with the earth. All of this whilst hanging out with others whom hold this vision too. What a mouth full, words are hard to find to describe such events.
A few places are still available. See you there.

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Made in Nature
Te Wheke
Well this one isn't out of our workshop, its directly from Dr Rangimarie Rose Pere.
TeWheke - a celebration of infinite wisdom is now available through the NaturePlayNZ shop. If you are a parent, a provider of, or student teacher of education to children this book is a must read and reference book to have in the workroom or staff room table.
It's time to understand what has been held by only the Wisdom Keepers for thousands of years. Dr Rose Pere, a Tohuna now shares with us what needs to be known . All so that we can look down new pathways to explore and discover, just as we encourage the young child in Nature. Te Wheke is a doorway to discover the secrets hidden deep in nature.
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Reading this book will acquaint the reader to begin a lifelong process to deepen their understanding to nature, the development of a healthy child and all of life.

We are giving away a free Te Wheke book!
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Nature Playscapes
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What has NaturePlayNZ been doing all year?
Building Nature Playscapes of course!
We would like to acknowledge all of you whom have made the commitment to give the child a living, earthly environment to spend their early years of development. Words cannot describe the joy to a childs soul to have the potential to discover the beauty of nature and develop a relationship of reverence and respect with of all of life.
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Plant Songs
Each plant on this planet is a divine gift. Each plant is just like one of us; it holds its own unique pattern and purpose. Some share their gifts to feed us, some to heal our wounds and ailments. Some remind us of the beauty which resides on our earth mother. Each acts selflessly in service knowing we are all interconnected, giving freely of its treasures.
The forests of Aotearoa are a unique group of plants, which work with us to navigate the 21st century and beyond. Anna will be talking about how they work with the child to assist them to reach there limitless potential at this year's Natural Phenomena Conference, organized by The Nature Education Network.

Selecting plants for Nature Playscapes
It may seem an odd thing to say that we do not choose the plants they choose us! However this is the case in our Nature Playscapes. When designing and creating our play spaces we will in most situations incorporate 2 genres of plants. Essentially they will be native/indigenous to Aotearoa/New Zealand or come from the edible/herbal families of the plant kingdom.

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Natures Way
If you think you need us to work with your staff to develop nature education experiences at your place please contact us direct to discuss your needs.