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Wisdom from Nature - Professional Development Opportunities 2016
One who works with Nature Teacher concepts understands, that to work with nature is to know how to work harmoniously with the cycles & rhythms of the universe. Learning to recognise and interpret cycles of the stars, the moon and the sun is like learning to use a GPS to find our way to knew places when

These circular cycles move within cycles and so cue nature to continue to create her incredible pattern from seed in the ground to flourishing flower to seed in the ground.
Summer is the season which celebrates the sun, blue sky, and playful times in the water. In our world the endless hours at the beach playing in the pohutukawa trees, at home the flourishing wild flowers, copious fruits, colourful vegetables, whilst watching animals celebrating the joys and ease of life which the summer sun shares.
These rhythms and cyclic patterns performed by nature have been able to sustain themselves from the beginning of time.
Take the origin of the New Zealand Kauri tree, 190 million years old. This mighty lord of the forest, Tane Mahuta, is a master of sustainability.  
Sustain is our word for our January update. To sustain, and make sustainable are common words used in today's age, as we consider our realtionship to the earth and the effect of our actions upon her.
Now at the beginning of a new cycle in the gregorian calendar year, it is a good time to be asking how am I to sustain myself in the coming year.

How am I to sustain my balance and my upward growth in 2016, just as a forest sustains balance and growth
Sustainability starts with self (It does not just relate to the waste management system) Understanding and practising  Self care is the secret. It is only when we have ‘mastered’ self care to some degree that we can then become truly available to assist others and our children.

Our work at NaturePlay NZ provides you the teacher, parent and caregiver, (the one who assists others) the necessary wisdom and tools to ensure you are able to sustain the work you are doing with our youngest members of the tribe. Connecting Children with Nature is vital.

The work you do individually and collectively to ensure children connect with nature must be sustainable.
Check out the treasures we have for you to sustain and support you
personally and professionally in 2016:

Natures Way 

Te Wheke: Living the Taonga - Monthly Series

Te Wheke: A celebration of infinite wisdom  By Dr Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere is a true taonga. Te Wheke (the octopus) opens a doorway for the seeker of true wisdom to find the sustanence required to maintain and sustain self care in all areas on ones life.
Te Wheke  the keeper of  Ancient wisdom for education, health and wellbeing, is as important if not more so, in the 21st century as it was in ancient times.
This 9 part evening series established in 2014 explores, embraces, and upholds the teachings of Te Wheke through the eyes of those who work with children.

Who attends: Educators, Health professionals, Parents and Caregivers, those who’s work it is to nurture, celebrate and uphold our children.
The focus: Our roles and responsibilities to assist children and educators and health professionals

Kerikeri,  Dargaville,  Whangarei,  Auckland,  Tauranga
February  - October : 9  monthly evenings
Limited spaces available. To find out more visit our website www.natureplaynz.co.nz

Save this date Saturday 23rd April –  AUT Auckland

TE WHEKE : A celebration with Dr Rangimarie Rose Pere

A significant one-off professional development event. A unique opportunity for all Early Education Professionals who work for and with children. Further details coming soon.

Registrations open very soon. Limited spaces.
Email here to be notified when registration opens

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Natures Way 

First Light Flower Essences of New ZealandŽ Certificated Training Programme

Providing the Wisdom and the Tools to understand and work with the original teachings of nature, from the forests of Aotearoa.
A comprehensive matrix of learning - from nature - to assist us to restore, balance, order and harmony to the earth.
Essential wisdom for any teacher/educator serious about Nature Education and the healthy development of the child as nature always intended.

Venue: The Forest Studio, Koru Creek, Tutukaka Coast, Northland
Throughout New Zealand as required.
Please contact us with your needs.

NZNFE Units 101/102: The Flowers6th/7th March 2016
The Flowers address negative personality predispositions, attitudes, emotions, mindsets, moods, responses and states we can experience at any time, transforming them to their positive harmonious counterparts.
NZNFE Units 103/104: The Ferns30th April/1st May
The seven native Ferns work to clear away life trauma, hurt and pain which are held within the seven layers of the aura and directly influence our thoughts and emotions.
NZNFE Units 105/106 : The Trees25th/26th June
The seven Tree essences balance, strengthen, protect, energise and clear the chakras, increasing our capacity to deal with a rapidly growing number of 21st-century challenges and influencesand stressors.
NZNFE Units 107/108 : The Seeds20/21st August
The Seed Essences work at the level of DNA to release us from powerful core beliefs and primary fears that have blocked or limited us from being who we truly are, restoring essential patterns for right living.
NZNFE Units 109/110 : The Plants8th/9th October
The twenty-two Plants are magical helper plants that assist and protect the individual soul on its journey and quest, helping us to successfully participate in life, experiencing it as a magical journey with a series of challenges, tests, trials and initiations through which we can progress and emerge empowered and whole.  For those seeking to understand soul education
Cost: $170.00 per unit/day. Fully certificated.
To learn more :
Read: Workshop outlines
Watch: First Light Part 1 of the teachings (on youtube)

You may want to read The Sacred Plant medicine of Aotearoa. Vol.1 In libraries and available from our shop

To celebrate the opening of our purpose built Forest Studio at the home of NaturePlay NZ, Koru Creek, Tutukaka Coast.
Established for the delivery of Nature Based Education for adults.

Professional Development giveaways
NaturePlayNZ is offering 1 x First Light® Flower Essence workshop Unit (value $170) to 2 lucky entrants.
To enter email us with why you should be one of the ‘lucky’ recipents of this giveaway.
Tell us a little about what you are doing to assist children to connect with nature and why participating on a First Light® Flower Essence Workshop would assist you in your work or personal life.