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28 Feb - 8 Mar Seaweek
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New Zealand has over 170 different kinds of bird. Some came on the wing, some were brought by settlers, and some were here when New Zealand split from Gondwana 85 million years ago. The last ones are our endemic birds and our kiwi is one of them.
The kiwi is a unique bird for several reasons: it has tiny wings but cannot fly, it has feathers which are more like fur, its long beak has nostrils at the end of it, it has whiskers like a cat. And on top of things, it lays the largest egg in the world in relation to the size of the bird.

They live in their own area of bush and here at Nature Play we have had regular releases of kiwi’s onto our land. Sitting around our campfire at night, we regularly hear them walking around and calling to each other.

Kiwi What can you do to help?
Control dogs and other pets
- Make a donation
- Volunteer to help save a kiwi
- Watch out for them
- Report sick or injured kiwi
- Learn more about them
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Have a look at this website to see if there is any kiwi releases in area near you:
GO TOhttp://www.backyardkiwi.org.nz

New Year: New Beginnings
New Beginnings signal a time for new patterns.
In nature it is the seeds that hold the patterns. When given the opportunity for new beginnings such as the cycle of a new year you can ask yourself what are the seeds that I am going to sow in this new cycle.
What seeds of change can I bring to my own life, to my family, the children and families I link into and to the planet. What new patterns and relationships to life can I alter which will reflect positively through my attitude and behavior toward myself, others and the earth.
Natures Way
When Nature is our Teacher we learn from her in various forms. Children when given freedom to explore and discover her through regular, unobstructed access, absorb unconsciously through play her wisdom. In this they find the beauty inherent in all of life. Through learning and recognising her language and identifying her unfolding patterns they build a body of knowledge which when practiced becomes their wisdom.
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Natures Way

If nature is your teacher we have 2 pathways of training/workshops to assist your seeds to grow, learn, evolve and flourish in 2015.

First Light Flower Essence Training Programme®

The First Light Flower Essences of Zealand are a 21st century pathway of 'higher learning direct from Nature.
Co-founded by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and Antony Wyber the First Light Essences are not only a natural toolkit to wellbeing made from the plants in the forests of Aotearoa , but also a treasure chest of wisdom for the discerning seeker of wisdom from nature.
The fully certified programme enables the learner to understand and assist themselves, their family and friends in a healing context as much as an educational context. Specific units lead the student to understand and utilise natures fully integrated and complex patterns described by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber as Nature's Healing Matrix.
For those who work with children: held in this wisdom is the knowledge of how to assist children to express positive attitudes and behviours, personality appreciation, understanding stress, anxiety and depression, moving beyond trauma to a state of peace, soul education, and the developmental stages of the child 0 -21 years as nature intended, and much, much, more.
Click here to see our full schedule of First Light Workshops and Training
All workshops to be taught in Whangarei and available throughout New Zealand with a minimum of 6 students.

First Light Flower Essences are made from the Sacred Plants of Aotearoa.
GO TOThe book Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Vol.1 written by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber is available from the NaturePlayNZ shop.

Anna Gentry is a Registered Practitioner and Tutor for First Light Flower Essence NZ.

Flowers of Transformation Series FLFENZ No 1-36

FLFENZ Unit 101/102 28 February - 1 March 2015 - Whangarei

Click here for further details of workshop outline and to register or discuss your needs.

Nature's Way Manuka Te Wheke : Living the Taonga 2015 Workshop Series 
Whangarei, Auckland and Kapiti Coast

After a highly successful 2014 Te Wheke: Living the Taonga is returning to support those who hear the call to deepen their relationship with the wisdom generously shared by Dr Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere in the book Te Wheke : A Celebration of Infinite Wisdom.
Nature's Way Manuka

The 9 part monthly evening series introduces Te Wheke to the educator, parent, health and social worker, to all whom want to integrate practically Te Wheke into their daily lives and practice.
This is a personal and professional journey taking the participant on a journey through the 8 legs/dimensions of the highly esteem kaitiaki Te Wheke (the octopus).
Te Wheke : Living the Taonga is run in co-operation with The Nature Education Network keepers of The Natural Phenomena Nature Education Conference and facilitated by Anna Gentry of NaturePlay NZ.

Whangarei begins Tuesday February 17th 2015
Auckland begins Tuesday February 24th 2015
Kapiti Coast. Please contact us with your interest for Te Wheke in your area in 2015

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Read the feedback from 2014 participants here.

Te Wheke : A celebration of Infinite Wisdom written by Dr Rangimarei Rose Pere is available from the NaturePlayNZ shop.


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