Why a Nature Playscape?

Childhood today is often a vastly different reality to what childhood has been in the past. Children are spending daily, a large amount of time in 'restrictive' environments. Many children are faced with increased indoor time due to our current educational strategies. Many urban children spending their days in multi level buildings, limiting the time they spend developing a healthy relationship with the earth, the living world. As parents and educators we need to be wise in our choices so that this generation and those to follow do not fall into the "Over protected and under connected child" syndrome.

As our world comes to a deeper understanding of how our relationship with the earth is a vital aspect to a healthy life, we will want for our children of today the essence of childhood that has been experienced for the eons in time before - A nature connection.

At a time when the challenges and stressors our children face are unprecedented to in any previous times on earth, we will want to assist them to grow and evolve the necessary skills and understandings to navigate these times with confidence and wisdom.

To assist them a deep empathy and connection with what supports life (the earth) will be required. A connection to the earth built from birth. It is the childs birthright as Thomas Berry wrote in The dream of the Earth that 'teaching children about the earth should be one of the most important events in their life.'

What better way to reach the child than let Nature be the Teacher. So if taking the children to the forests, beaches and flowing rivers is not a reality let us help you to make local solutions to let nature be the teacher.