What is a Nature PlayScape?

A Nature PlayScape embodies the qualities and essence of the natural world that we experience out in wild places.

The ingredients, (the taonga /gifts of Nature) are selected or enhanced for there intrinsic feel to support the childs fundamental need to connect with the living world.

A Nature Playscape is a living place, one that allows the child to play freely, to feel the earth beneath their feet and under their fingernails.

Nature Playscapes are where the elements of life are enriched and interacted with through all our senses,  eat it, touch it, feel it, smell it, listen to it, see it, know it, understand it. A child's place to imagine and create their own reality.

A Nature Playscape grows a child physically through challenge, emotionally through their senses and relationship with all things, mentally through observation and the knowledge held and shared in nature and spiritually through finding their sense of belonging, developing a heart connection with all of life.

Nature PlayScapes, natural places for play, where our children will experience beauty, see the beauty thus walk in beauty throughout their lives