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Tree Blocks

Suitable for all ages of play. Treasures for the child in all of us! Our tree blocks are 'chunky', handcrafted and each made by ...
60 Set$120
40 Set$85

Tree house Set

We all remember those tree houses we made as a child. Here is a pint sized opportunity to build homes for all our smaller friends. ...

Bamboo Blocks

Utilised the world over, bamboo is a treasure our western world is beginning to discover. We work with one of the finest species ...
40 Set$140
25 Set$90

Outdoor play oven

Perfect for the mud pies or when the fairies come out to play. Suitable for the sandpit or outdoor kitchen. Made from Natural ...

Outdoor kitchen sink

Carved out of a hand selected log. Each piece is custom made and will take on its own form from the tree it has come from. Suitable ...

Caterpillar stacker

Our imagination bought the caterpillar to life. What will the child do with this. Approximately 90 cm long with 9 prongs. We ...

Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Vol 1

If you are serious about seeking the wisdom and teachings which sit within nature, 'The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Vol. ...

3 Prong stacker

A piece for the individual child to sort, count, compare, stack with the essence of nature. Suitable for the preschool child.

Kete Pepi

Natural baby blocks. Sensory rich treats for the youngest child. A selection of natural timbers and bamboo, finished to enhance ...

Chunky threading kit

A collection of delightfully different Taonga (treasures) including shells, bamboo, cones, seeds, tree biscuits and pumice all ...

Bamboo Stacker

Bamboo cut to 7 incremental steps to encourage possibilities and sequencing in the young child.

Bamboo Cup Stacker

3 chunky bamboo cups/bowls which fit within each other. Suitable from the earliest years to discover stacking, filling, emptying, ...

Mixed Block Set

A blend of our handcrafted tree and bamboo blocks. 40 set consists of 15 bamboo and 25 tree, 25 set of 10 bamboo and 15 tree pieces.
40 Set$115
25 Set$75

Giant Bamboo Chimes

A set of 3 Chimes to complement your sound garden. (3 different lengths) made from Moso bamboo and finished in beeswax. Each on ...

Bamboo Xylophone

An opportunity to explore sound in the preschool years. These pack a powerful sound so work outdoors well. We advise that they ...

Sand Table

An indoor sandpit or a zen garden! Or you may fill it with shingles, pebbles or bark to create unique experiences for those small ...

Sensory Table

Designed to allow for 4 individual areas of play with multiple children. Or a place for four unique sensory experiences that can ...