The people

Anna Gentry

Anna Gentry Anna's life has had nature beside her as her most powerful ally. Her life time includes a great love for the earth, its wisdom, creativity, horses and people.

Her working life has involved educating young people through nature and adventures in nature. An experienced teacher, lecturer, mother, and healer. The path she walks in this life is to assist others to ensure the total wellbeing of our children and the earth. Intelligently and cooperatively working with the 'Nature Power of Aotearoa' to restore balance and harmony to people and the planet.

At a personal level she enjoys living a simple life, home schooling the children, growing wholesome food and being with the herd of horses.

Theme in life: Walking to the beat of her own drum. Overcoming obstacles to inspire new pathways.

Dean Aplin

Anna Gentry Dean's life has been full of developing his own potential and so that he can assist others in their transformation and growth. He has developed unique leadership training and Rites of Passage programmes for youth, honouring the ancestors and nature as our teachers.

He is an Outdoor Instructor and Tertiary lecturer in outdoor education, outdoor safety management and risk management.

Having developed a strong repertoire of practical skills in natural building techniques, landscaping and working with raw timbers, he enjoys the challenge of creative problem solving.

Theme in Life: With over 10 years traveling to interesting places most people leave alone, Transformation through Adventure

Jo Gore

Anna Gentry Jo is the lead designer for Nature PlayScapes. An accomplished landscape designer and fine artist her drawing and draughting skills are beauty to behold! Jo works by hand (which is a dying art) and with colour. This allows her to work in the realm of limitless imagination, to interpret and create one off wonders for children to play amongst.

Jo is a mother to 2 young explorers who love to show her the wild places to play. When not designing and been mum she is busy building playscapes in her own back yard or off on another adventure with her children in nature.