Nature PlayScapes

Nature PlayScapes design, project manage and construct outdoor natural play spaces, sometimes referred to as 'natural playgrounds', or 'outdoor - living classrooms'.

We support the creation of natural play and learning environments for Early Childhood Education providers, Primary Schools and Community groups. Each project has its own 'ingredients and recipe to be written'. Your needs are unique, and so are our processes to ensure the essence of your vision is met.

You may be starting new from the ground up, or requiring innovative solutions to makeover aspects of your current play environment. We create and design your dream playscape with you, then work with nature to construct with craftsmanship and care.

Nature Playscapes allows learning for life to be seeded, allowing the child's spirit to roam and grow into its fullest expression

Children deserve places of play and learning which invoke a sense of wonder, curiosity, connection and discovery, through exploration and finding their creative flow. A play place alive with the magic of the natural world, a world of sensorial opportunity, . From this place the child's innate learning and development to their full potential can occur.