Design Services

In nature there are no straight lines so we reflect this in our methodology. Each design we create is a unique representation of the natural world. Our understanding in the development of the whole child and commitment to the children and the planet is woven into the design solutions in each Nature PlayScape.

A comprehensive design process ensures well considered ideas are possible, affordable, and able to be achieved within the scope of the project.

Our team brings lifetimes of experience to ensure your design is considered through many lenses. Our roles as educators, landscape designers, risk management advisors, builders, permaculture planners, parents and nature lovers assist us to work with you to achieve your vision.

Our designers provide creative solutions to problematical places, and the ability to continuously come up with innovative concepts to present the child with natures beauty.

Our design work is hand drawn upholding the beauty of fine art at affordable prices. A final concept plan is a real treasure to hold the vision of your project.

Design Process

We understand that full consultation is critical in gathering all information to complete a well considered concept plan.

Contact us to discuss your vision. We will talk you through the most appropriate process to meet your projects needs.

Our consultation process can include staff, children and parent workshops depending on the scope of your project.

  • Our designs invoke the child's imagination to seek and find, inspire them to look further and deeper, to experience the magical qualities of life.
  • A Nature Playscape design accentuates the living nature.
  • A place to discover and develop all of our senses as nature intended.
  • A Nature PlayScape encourages a child to work in relationship harmoniously and mutually with nature, stimulating sustainable behaviour, the rhythms and cycles of life are experienced.
  • A Nature PlayScape honours the land, the place and the nature within.
  • A place where the relationship of Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) is upheld between child and earth.
  • A place for a child born of wisdom to find their sense of belonging to the earth.
  • Our philosophy is grounded in permaculture design principles. To support the childs development of sustainable behaviour for a sustainable world.

Nature Playscapes : Where a relationship of reverence and respect is born for all things.